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Federal Bureau of Investigation Web Site. Louis, MS Fax Hosting provided by JailTracker. Sanders said in an interview that after he posted the photos online, he received a call from an unlisted number.

The caller identified themselves as an MDOC employee and threatened Sanders with retaliation, though Sanders said he was not afraid because he completed his sentence in January and is not under community supervision. He has since moved to out of Mississippi. Payton said she cried upon receiving the media from someone else at the facility. The images, which Payton also provided to Mississippi Today, include videos that pan over a shower and show what appears to be mold on the walls.

Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS)

The photos and video were publicized by Carol Leonard, a Tennessee-based advocate for prisoners and their families, through her social media channels. Penalties for possessing a cell phone or other contraband in a correctional facility are stiff. For advocates such as Leonard, the photographs and video confirm the living and social conditions many on the outside have long heard about, from black mold in dirty showers to a lack of programming available for prisoners.

All packages will need to be sent by an approved third-party vendor. No packages from individuals will be accepted.

How to Find Someone in Mississippi State Penitentiary

Package weight must be under 30 pounds per year. When it comes to sending money to a prisoner in Mississippi State Penitentiary, you can do it one of three ways. This service is completely free.

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  • It is the second fastest option out of the three. Out of the three services, this is the only service that incurs a fee. However, this is the fasted way to send money. The money will be posted into the prisoners account within 72 hours after sending it.

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    A well-known service is JPay. This service is also free, well minus the stamp you will need to send off the money. However, out of the three services, this will be the longest waiting period. All funds coming into the jail are typically on a day hold.


    If you fail to write either name on the check or money order, the funds will NOT be deposited into their account. Inmates can call home. All calls will be monitored.

    Department of Public Safety

    Three-way calling is not permitted. Calls are typically limited to minutes to allow all inmates to have use of the telephones. Visiting an inmate can be done on days from schedule. You will want to arrive at least 15 minutes early to get checked in. If you arrive later than 1pm, you will not be permitted visitation rights.