How to delete name from white pages

The call can go to the phone number included in your listing or to a number you provide. Pressing 1 verifies that you want your listing removed.

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But all this effort removes you from only the free search. Whitepages Premium users paid subscribers will still be able to find your listing. To remove your data from the Premium search, you have to submit a support ticket via the Premium Help Page. There are more than brokers listed on the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse database, and the vast majority fails to offer a method to remove your information.

The aggregator MyLife goes a step further: Its business model seems to rest on fooling privacy-conscious users.

Opting out is not a one-time process. Aggregators regularly hoover up new data, which means information may get added back at any time.

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Alternatively, you can manually perform the following steps, depending on the browser you are using:. You can identify the whitepages. The files will contain the Cookie : whitepages. Below, you will find instructions on how to block the whitepages.

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How to detect Cookie Permanent Cookie Blocking. Scan Your PC!

How to Remove Yourself from Whitepages

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Scan your browsers for whitepages. Note: The blocking of the whitepages.