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Homeowners Lists. Radius Search. Company Events. Crime data for San Bernardino County reveal that there were 10, violent crimes, 52, property crimes, and cases of arson in These figures indicate that violent crime rate dropped by 2.

In the same period, property crime rate dropped by 5. A breakdown of violent crimes shows that San Bernardino recorded homicides, rapes, 2, robberies, and 6, aggravated assaults in That year, the county also recorded 11, burglaries, 10, motor vehicle thefts, and 29, larcenies. When compared with crime data, there were fewer incidents of homicide 0.


Rape In accordance with Section Visitors to the website can find individual sex offenders by name. Alternatively, they can see all registered sex offenders residing in their neighborhoods by using the map search tool. To view information about all sex offenders living in San Bernardino County, visit the county search page of the website and choose San Bernardino from the list of California counties. The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department provides an inmate locator tool on its website to help the public locate persons booked into the county's jails.

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Simply input the inmate's digit booking number into the search tool. The locator also allows users to search by name, gender, and date of birth.

The Sheriff's Department also provides daily lists of recently released inmates on this webpage. Enquirers can download and check these Out of Custody search documents to find recently freed persons. California Rules of Court mandate that all court files must be made accessible to the public unless confidential or sealed by law.