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She was survived by her husband. David Shannon followed almost directly in the path of his uncle Ward Hamilton Bowlby. He was originally educated in Kitchener, and eventually went to University of Toronto, graduating in with a bachelor of arts, and then on to Osgoode Hall graduating in with a bachelor of laws. He was called to the bar in and began practicing law at the family firm Bowlby, Colquhoun and Clement.

He held that position until when he was succeeded by his nephew, at which he began a private firm.

James Cree

Like the rest of his family, David Shannon was very active in the community. In , at the age of 31 he married 27 year old Lillian Carolyn Barnes David Shannon died October 11 after suffering an unexpected heart attack at home. Lillian survived her husband, and eventually moved into the Preston Springs nursing home where she died in Their son Shannon ran a successful restaurant and catering business in Waterloo, and married Marjorie.

Shannon died in while wintering in Florida. She worked for the K-W Welcome Service and operated a real estate office. Carolyn was also involved in I. She died in of a heart attack. The Clement family came to the Waterloo region in when Rev. Her father returned to England shortly after her birth and she was raised in Plymouth as well.

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  6. In Mary and Rev. Edwin married and the two left England for North America. After living in the United States for a year, they settled in Ontario where Rev.

    Taunton Burts overview

    Edwin would spend a few years in many different cities preaching his ministry. Edwin died in possibly of liver disease, and Mary spent the next fifteen years living with various children. She passed away in Collingwood in Edwin Perry Clement was born October 19th to Rev. In the same year he had to resign from the position and instead took up as the Vice-President of The Mutual Life Assurance Company, whose board he had been on since In he was made President of the company.

    He was also involved on much social work including the establishment of the Kitchener YMCA, of which he was the first president, and in the temperance cause. On October 22nd, he married 20 year old Janie Elizabeth Bowlby, niece of his law partner. She attended school at both Mrs. As a child and youth she put on plays and many photographs show her dressed in costume, even as Cinderella with E.

    With her family she traveled to Germany where she also received some education. During the time that they were away, E. After her marriage to the 25 year old E. Charles followed the course of his father in some ways and in started with the Mutual Life Assurance Company of Canada. After doing very well in the head office in Waterloo, in he left for the Winnipeg office to become Secretary of the office, and eventually assistant loan manager.

    After this he continued into loan manager positions in Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto. He eventually retired in after having worked for the company for 49 years, at the time a company record. In his personal life he was very interested in chess, music, opera and art. He was also instrumental in collecting the works of his cousin A.

    In he married 24 year old Gertrude Unger , also of Berlin. Gertrude was the daughter of Mennonite pioneers who came from Pennsylvania. The two hand only one child, Carlton Clement in in Waterloo. Carlton attended the University of Alberta for law school and graduated in Charles Bowlby died in at the age of 91 and Gertrude died in Carlton died in It is worth noting that his legal career was much applauded and his papers can be found at the Legal Archives Society of Alberta.

    In at the age of 34 she married 28 year old Frederick Bowman Kelly of Guelph. The two moved to Guelph where Frederick was employed as a merchant. Blanche died in at the home of her sister Florence and Frederick lived until the age of 97, dying in His work took him to Lethbridge Alberta for a period of time and he was living there in until he was drafted into First World War in After the war he moved to the Simcoe region and in , and the age of 40 he married 31 year old Helen Keefer Thompson of Penetanguishene.

    Edwin died in and Helen in He was first educated in Kitchener and later at University of Toronto for both his bachelor of arts in and his L. In May of the same year he began practicing law in the family firm of Bowlby, Colquhoun and Clement. He also worked in local politics serving as an alderman, and two terms as Mayor of Kitchener. He was also an active member in the Rotary Club for many years. Besides his work, his biggest passion was music.

    William Bassett - Sarah Burt Family Group

    He began playing violin at the age of twelve with the Concordia Club Choir. While at school in Toronto he accompanied many singers, and the glee club. Also, John Howland is an 11th Great Uncle. Their connections have not been proven. Location: Nevada, United States. Shelly Hoffman. It connects me to this country in a way I have never felt. To know that my family came here and are such a huge part of what made America. It makes me very proud of my country and my ancestors.

    Genevieve Leavitt. Knowing my heritage and learning details about my ancestors makes them real to me. I can imagine their lives and how they lived which almost gives them as well as myself a certain level of immortality.


    They are a part of me. Scott Carpenter. Finding out that my great-grandmother was a Southworth, and a descendant of John Alden was monumental. My family has been here for all of the history making this great country. Lori Jo Svrcek.

    File 232 - Pope, William Burt.

    I want to find out more about The Mayflower Society and Mayflower History specifically, and further support it, since I am a descendant! Elizabeth Fitzgerald. Being part of history, knowing past history, origin and culture so my family can know their roots. I want them to know that know matter how long and how careful records were kept that their history is the testament to passing time.

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    Patricia Millis. Finding our ancestors connects us to them. I feel grateful to my courageous ancestors for making this journey to a new land for freedom sake, helping all their descendants have the gifts of living in freedom. Ancestor: William Brewster, Francis Eaton. David Kingsella. Our religious heritage brought here by our Separatist and Puritan ancestors is the foundation of our great country and must be defended against all attempts to steal it from us.

    It was a huge and surprising discovery for me. Connects me as an American more than almost anything I could have found. Very proud to be so connected to Massachusetts. Morgana Watson. Proud to know my ancestors were a part of history. Marcia Christiansen. Learning that I am a Mayflower descendant was a great surprise.

    It has meant a lot to me knowing my ancestors helped form this great country. I am proud of my English heritage. Marty Peterson. Makes me proud of my heritage knowing my ancestors were part of starting this great country.