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This dadabase compiles information on Polish Soldiers who died during the Second World War and were buried in different cemetaries in France. The list of unrecovered U. DonsList Military Books. A list of 21, names of account owners, who were probably victims of Nazi Persecution. Draft registration cards arranged numerically by local board number then alphabetically by surname of registrant.

Experience World War II like never before. Fold3 is an online repository for original historical documents, combined with the ability for users to make comments, annotations, and upload their own documents. The focus of Fold3 is to be a comprehensive collection of U. Military records. Some areas of Fold3 are free to use, while others can be freely searched and then viewed with a paid subscription. Pearl Harbor Muster Rolls. Black and White and Color Photographs of U.

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France Crashes Database of French and allied fighters, bombers, and aircrafts crashed in France. Search by names or aircrafts. Gives a short biography of men killed in action or escaped. Designed and developed by fusionSpan. Categories Follow Us. Commonwealth War Graves Commission Details of 1. France Crashes Database of French and allied fighters, bombers, and aircrafts crashed in France.

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We also tend to have more records for higher-echelon units and fewer for lower-level units. Although there are a few exceptions e.

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If you are researching the military service of a specific individual, we suggest you start by requesting their military personnel records. Each branch of the military kept different types of unit records, and these records are dispersed throughout various record groups and series at NARA. Each record group comprises the records of a major government entity e.

Some record groups have thousands of entries, so it can be daunting to try to figure out the best place to start. If you have additional questions after reviewing this post, we encourage you to contact the reference staff at the NARA location that has custody of the records you are interested in. These records consist mostly of unit historical reports, after action reports, unit journals, and general orders. Generally, the files do not include any personnel or medical information.

The records are arranged according to an alphanumeric filing system based on military hierarchy. A paper file list index for this series is available at the National Archives. The records are not yet described at the file-unit level in the National Archives Catalog, but you may request a search of the records by e-mailing the reference staff at archives2reference nara.


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Be sure to include the unit s and date s of interest. This series consists of the files of division-level organic and non-organic US Army units. Division files usually include historical reports, general orders, directives, journals, memos, circulars, bulletins, and policy records. Records of organic units units that were permanently attached to a division typically contain unit histories, general orders, and other administrative records.

Records of non-organic units units not permanently attached to a division generally consist of historical reports and some administrative records. Engineer Unit Histories, Organizational Unit Records, This series contains copies of reports of Army medical units and facilities, as well as reports from medical components of regular Army units. Reports typically contain narratives about unit activities, descriptions of facilities and locations, and a narrative about organization and administration.

Reports may also contain statistics, photographs, or maps. The reports do not contain patient medical records. The files are arranged by type of unit and thereunder numerically by unit designation. Air Force:. Mission Reports:. This series consists of the original mission reports pertaining to specific targets. These reports were filed by the units and sometimes include encounter reports by pilots, aerial photographs, and loading lists. Microfilmed Unit Histories:. Although we do not have an official index to the records, there is a private website, Air Force History Index , which can serve as a finding aid to the records.

All of the reels are not available, so please be sure to contact the reference staff email: archives2reference nara. Unit Rosters:. We frequently get requests for unit rosters from World War II. Unfortunately, rosters for units serving in World War II from were destroyed in accordance with Army records disposition authorities after the war.

There are copies of most of the monthly rosters from and for Army units including Army Air Corps in the custody of the National Archives in St.

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Louis, MO. For information on how to request rosters, please visit the website Access to Morning Reports and Unit Rosters. Unit Morning Reports:. Morning reports list daily personnel changes. Also shown are unit strength, the location of the unit, and sometimes a Record of Events. Morning reports for Army units from November 1, to and Air Force units from September to June 30, are in the custody of the National Archives at St.

For information on how to access morning reports, please visit the website Access to Morning Reports and Unit Rosters.

Deck Logs:. Deck logs comprise the series, Logbooks of U. Navy Ships and Stations, A number of deck logs have been digitized and are now available online in the National Archives Catalog. The logs sometimes include information related to operational activities, although the level of content and detail can vary. Muster Rolls and Personnel Diaries:. Muster rolls are lists of naval personnel attached to a ship, station, or other activity.