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What if you are not able to find the inmate in Creek County Justice Center? It means the inmate is transferred to nearby county jail or state prison facility or is released from jail. Check Oklahoma inmate search page for more details on how to search for inmate in Oklahoma. What are the visitation rules of Creek County Justice Center?

Children below 18 years, must be accompanied by a legal guardian. For more information one can call on It is located in Sapulpa in Oklahoma. The Center processes over four thousand inmates by counseling them on substance abuse and family issues. Detention officers at the center go through some training on their jobs before being allowed to work on their own. They have to be certified by the state in the first year of their employment. Inmates at the center have commissary accounts whereby their family members are allowed to deposit money into these accounts.

The money is in the form of money orders which are sent by mail to the center. The purpose of this money is to take care of the inmates. They are allowed to use this money to buy hygienic goods and services. Some schedules are always set up for the visitation of the inmates.

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The schedules describe the time and also the days that one can be able to visit an inmate. In addition to bail, other fees are assessed by the Clear Creek County sheriff's department. Under Colorado law, counties are allowed to collect fees to offset the expenses of incarceration. It is possible to arrange a payment schedule for this fee, which should be negotiated before the inmate is released.

To discuss a payment plan, call You should not expect to speak to an inmate by calling the Clear Creek County jail. After they are booked into the facility, detainees are allowed one initial free phone call. Subsequently, all outbound calls will be collect or the inmate may use a prepaid phone card. You can provide funds for these cards through Securus. You can set up an account online, or by phone at Fees for the service are assessed according to the method of payment used.

Inmate phone calls have a minute maximum duration. The call will be automatically terminated after you hear a second warning tone. Phone privileges may be denied if they are misused or if there are inmate behavior violations in jail.

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Note that if you are receiving unwanted phone calls from the jail, you can put a stop to them by calling Your number can be blocked by the detention staff. Basic meals and toiletries are provided. There are three ways to provide funds for an inmate:. You can visit inmates in the lobby of the detention center, or use iWebVist.

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In either case, you will be communicating through a video monitor; in-person, face-to-face visiting is not allowed. Please note: all visits will be recorded and may be monitored by staff, and any incriminating statements can affect the inmate's case. Visits by legal counsel and other professionals are the exception to this rule. An attorney can visit the inmate in person at any time, and these visits are not subject to recording or monitoring.

Lobby visiting hours are Tuesday through Sunday from a. Visits are for 30 minutes , with each inmate allowed two visits per week. If desired, two permitted visits can be scheduled consecutively, for a one-hour total visit. There are visiting booths to use, which include two chairs.

Larger groups are allowed in the booth on a standing-room-only basis. Virtual Visits with iWebVist.

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These virtual visits can be scheduled seven days a week from a. They are set up for 15 minutes, but two appointments can be scheduled consecutively for a minute visit. Inmates are allowed a total of three visits per day. Note: some inmates are limited to three virtual visits a week. You can schedule appointments one hour prior to your chosen visiting time.

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