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How do I take a screen capture on my smartphone? Web sites such as WhitePages.

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Image courtesy of WhitePages. Who is he, and where is the area code? You're cleaning off your desk and find a scrap of paper with a scrawled phone number on it -- no name, just the number. You know you wrote it down quickly while you were on the phone, but you don't remember whose number it is.

Save and add to your contact list, or just toss? What should I do if the home button on my iPhone stops working? How do I take a screen capture on my smartphone?

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Web sites such as WhitePages. Image courtesy of WhitePages. Who is he, and where is the area code? You're cleaning off your desk and find a scrap of paper with a scrawled phone number on it -- no name, just the number. You know you wrote it down quickly while you were on the phone, but you don't remember whose number it is. I rang back and they don't have a voicemail, just american robot voice reading aloud this phone number and saying to leave a message. Tried to call back and was advised that it was an invalid extension. As per other comments, I'm on the do not call register.

Said he was calling from Melbourne and yet the the caller number started with 07 and that is QLD. And even though he was using my name the account that he was talking about was not under my name.

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Simply told him that I was not giving him any details about myself or the account. Certainty Wealth provides invaluable information on improving and protecting your financial position. Called I ignored it and the robot or person at the other side ended the call. If you pick up these calls they normally pause for a few second then someones voice comes on the line, normally an Indian accent.

Came in as 02 blocked them then 02 called. Blocked them too. Assumed it was phone pests. I only answer calls in my contacts. They are pests!!!!!

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I missed the call but I was expecting a call about some tiles I ordered so I rang back. Missed a call from this number, no message left. I called back and it rang but there was a recorded voice saying 'the number is not answering'.

A get a call from a 07 number at least 3 times per week. They never leave a message I screen the calls to my landline. I have called back but get a recorded message saying 'you have reached the message bank of private number' Do not answer calls from this number. This is a scam. Register with donotcall. Called the guy on the other end said hello 3 times and didn't reply to my question about who there were. This people are doing very doggy stuff.

Despite not giving order they are sending stuff and after few months start asking for payment and one of the worst company and there employees are big scammers. Your NAB account suspended. Please follow this link to confirm details and restore nab. Yours sincerely, Optus Billing Team. Obviously was my number in the message. Looked up and Mr Moshi?? No I not giving you my c.

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Then called me at work. Great first impression. No thanks! Don't trust them They are trying to extract your details. If the harass you, report them.

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Your site is great thanks. I also received a call from that number. I confirmed that the number at the moment belongs to Nib.

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Said they had 3 security questions for me and started by asking me to confirm my name. Replied that they called me, they should know my name and hung up. Missed call on my phone - from these comments it seems to be a spammer posing as different charity raffles. I called back the number 03 and reached vm that said I reached alffie. I called back the number 08 and reached vm that said I reached Mirrabooka Community Health.

If interested get back to me for full details via: farrugia. K Farru. Absolute scam - do not answer. Insulted our receptionist and phishing for information on businesses by requesting to speak to the managing director. This is a Bulgaria scammer number. Wanted to know if I was happy with my service and packages and then I proceeded to tell them no I wasnt and wanted to cancel my service and he said you'll have to call us back to cancel. Knew then that it was a scam.

This is a scam, impersonating ACT Health for the purpose of collecting personal information such as our insurance status. I answered that I opt out the survey, but the caller insists me to change my mind. This is unethical. True government official respect our decision not to participate in a survey. In contrast, the caller kept on persuading me to answer their questions until I have to say I had gotten a call by the number, and when I had a look at it; it turned out to be belong.

It was a machine saying my home and internet would be cut off in 24 hours and I needed to press 1 to speak to an operator It's a SCAM. I will never understand this type of obvious telemarketer. Recorded message saying to renew my Amazon account.

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And needed bank details. I don't have an Amazon account. Probably scam as I am in England. Rang me No Answer after I picked up my phone it hung up on me, maybe a computer. Best time to Rob you or Scam you or Sell you something you didn't want. Good luck in life to all out there who read this and my kindest regards to all. Why do we have these winners calling us. I received a missed call from this number today and they didn't leave a message. Very strange. If it was really important they would leave a voice message.

However I rang the number back and got the chance to leave them a voice message - ' how did you get my number and if you call me back again I will lodge a legal complaint ' I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Law degree which also Once they have your number, they will keep calling to sign you up. They ring every day i just ignore them,they are the reason i do not support any charities at all now,they serve no purpose,they are a wasted space and in time,the DNC register and Telstra are just as complicit and it really makes you wonder who is getting the back hander under the counter there nothing more than cockroaches that need to be stepped on and squashed.

Babies crying in the back ground Arrogant, condescending woman who wouldn't take no for an answer. Avoid selecting links from services like this unless its adessed to the right person. Rang but never left message The number has called before. I have voicemail on the landline, they never identify themselves or leave a msge. Type of caller: Ignoramous!!! This is a genuine number and not a scammer. Numbers listed by this person are as follows : ; ; also known on social media for causing issues as a keyboard warrior.

The lady that called sounded latin. Start of the call music was loud, like she was in a car.