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In doing so, writers can find their voice, and restrain the pressures we might feel to adhere to conventions, both regarding the written word and the unsanctioned or difficult ideas we might want to express. The presenter will argue that while trying freewriting is desirable, just understanding the rationale for its importance can be a source of guidance if not inspiration as well.

We will also discuss the distinction between freewriting and focused freewriting. During this workshop participants will get a brief taste of both freewriting and focused freewriting and discuss the relative benefits of each. John raises ducks and bees in rural Shiga. Mindfulness helps us cultivate presence in a non-judgmental, curious way. This awareness is a wonderful tool to use in the writing process. From conception to creation, writing and mindfulness have much in common.

Commitment and discipline. Exploration and playfulness. Finding the perfect balance of will and surrender. Leza Lowitz, M. A long-term practitioner and teacher of meditation and yoga, she is also the owner of Tokyo's beloved Sun and Moon Yoga studio.

Japanese professor explains the tragedy of LDAR in Japan

Visit her at www. It focuses on both conventional and unconventional creative writing techniques in relation to object animation, while using examples from 20th and 21st-century adult short fiction. Maria A. Ioannou Limassol, is an awarded writer, creative writing tutor and festival organizer Sardam festival. She studied Literature and Creative Writing in the UK Vice Chancellor's Excellence in Research Award for her PhD in progress and published two short fiction collections, one experimental novella and two fairytales Emerging Writer State Prize for her short fiction collection The gigantic fall of an eyelash.

The Sir Martin Wood Prize for Japan

A great power of poetry is to help us re-envision what has become too familiar, thereby waking us from states of complacence. In this workshop, we will draw on and modify their games and techniques to generate new drafts of poems and to probe the space of collaborative writing. As the Surrealists did, we will pay particular attention to how various strategies allow us to upend convention, connotation, and perspective.

A former Fulbright Fellow and communications consultant, Dr. Mark Yakich is the Gregory F. Curtin, S.


He has 25 years of experience teaching writing, editing, literature, politics, history, and design, and has published books of poetry, fiction, memoir, and pedagogy. His next poetry collection, Spiritual Exercises, is forthcoming from Penguin in July. Loren Goodman is the author of Famous Americans, selected by W. Participants will learn the scientific formula distilled from the teachings of master storytelling gurus worldwide which can be applied universally across all types of writing.

With a slight margin for error, the formula holds true for most successful works, many which will be examined in this presentation. Every good doctor evil genius scientist knows the inner mechanics of his patient or monster. Writers are no different. This presentation will cover the basics of how to edit your own work, as well as 5 traps authors often fall into during the self-editing process.

Review of Asian and Pacific Studies(RAPS) | Center for Asian and Pacific Studies,Seikei University

At the end, we'll examine some flawed pieces of writing and try to determine which trap the author fell into. There's more to writing than putting words on paper. This presentation will kick off with some absolute basics: the difference between editing and proofreading, what editors expect out of a submission, and some simple pre-submission polishing techniques. We will then cover trickier areas where writers get subconsciously stuck as they fine-tune their work. Japan, and Toshiba. In this presentation, we will discuss how to build international writing communities, utilize internet resources, and create publishing opportunities for one another.

Ultimately, we want to explore the connective power of writing communities in our home countries and abroad while focusing on creating mutual support and legitimacy for other writers. While publishing is often thought of as written work being "accepted" by a publisher, we would like to question what publishing means and focus on how to build international communities that support and create opportunities for one another. Through this discussion, we seek to dismantle the scarcity complex that often surrounds publishing and find new ways to get our work in front of audiences by means of collaboration and community support while utilizing internet resources to extend our reach to a global scale.

With backgrounds in both written and performance art, we would like to redefine publishing to be more inclusive and community based. By establishing communities that are willing to hear and experience one another's work, can we create space for more writers to be legitimized?

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In doing so, how can we ensure that those who exist in the margins are also heard from and not just established writers? Micah Tasaka is a queer mixed Japanese poet and spoken word artist from the Inland Empire, California, residing in Fukui prefecture, Japan. They received their undergraduate degree in creative writing from the University of California, Riverside. Micah is a community organizer and has taught workshops on publishing manuscripts, poetry performance skills, and using poetry as healing for trauma survivors.

Their first full length manuscript, Expansions, was released on Jamii Publishing in , and their work has appeared in In the Words of Women, Name and None, and Nikkei Uncovered among others. Yoshika Wason is a teacher and writer. Yoshika is working on her first full length poetry manuscript currently titled Second Chances for Fallen Blessed Children and also has a self published micro chapbook called Extra Bold. She currently writes a monthly education column.

Learn more at. This workshop focuses on the influences of unsung Japanese poetic forms on contemporary English language poetry and spoken word. This generative workshop is open to writers of all genres. The Pecha Kucha, based on a Japanese business presentation style, was pioneered as a poetic form by American poet Terrance Hayes. It is this type of ingenuity this workshop is to focused on.

We will discuss the content of their poems, why they used the form, and how they reinvented. Participants will be asked to choose a form and write something new in the workshop.

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  • Characters with multiple identities are an increasing reality in both our increasing mobile and hybrid society and in fiction. The notion of multiple, often competing, identities is not merely a feature of current socio-political discourse, it has always been an essential quality of being fully human.