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The clerk will announce the case number, names of the parties involved in the lawsuit, and the legal description of the property. The floor is then opened for verbal bids.


Each bidder should announce their name with their first bid. If the bidder is acting in a representative capacity, he must identify the party he is representing. The actual amount of the bid should be called out. This deposit may be in the form of cash, personal check, cashier's check, or money order, and will be applied to the sale price at the time of payment. If the final payment is not made within the prescribed time period, the Clerk will re-advertise the sale, resell the property, and pay all the costs of the sale from the deposit.

Any remaining funds from the deposit will be applied toward the judgment. The final payment is due before p.

When the final payment is made, the bidder must also pay a registry of court fee in addition to the sale amount. The registry fee is collected pursuant to section A Certificate of Title will be recorded after the tenth day from the date of the sale, if no objections to the sale are filed. The defendant has ten days after the sale to file an objection.

If an objection is filed, the Judge will rule at a hearing as to whether or not a Certificate of Title is to be issued. The Clerk's office assumes no responsibility for any encumbrances judgments, mortgages, taxes, and other liens on any property offered for sale. It is in your best interest to have a title search done by an attorney or title company.

If the property is occupied, it is possible you will have to take legal action to get possession of the property.

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You may not have access to the property without permission of the owner. The Clerk's office assumes no responsibility for the availability of any property offered for sale. If you have additional questions concerning the procedures for foreclosure sales held by the Clerk of Court, please contact our office at or Click here for a current listing of upcoming foreclosure sales.

Annual Citizens Report. Notice of Commencement A Notice of Commencement is a notarized statement filed with the Clerk of Court, authorizing and detailing work to be performed, legal description, and name and address of individual requesting work. Fictitious name registration packets may be obtained from the Clerk's office, or you may contact the Secretary of State at: Fictitious Name Registration P. A tax certificate may be held for a minimum of two 2 years but not more than seven 7 years. At any time between the second and seventh year, the certificate holder may request the sale of the property to satisfy the certificate. The certificate holder must apply for the tax deed sale by presenting the original certificate to the Tax Collector. For more information about tax certificates, you should contact the Walton County Tax Collector's office. Mortgage foreclosure sales are held at a. Central Time, Mondays through Fridays. Locations Santa Rosa County.

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