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Non-accounted for additions, wildly inaccurate square footages and omission of swimming pools are public record bugaboos that immediately come to mind as repeat offenders. Once Full Cash Value is assigned, dubious as it may be, that figure is multiplied by the Assessed Value Ratio to arrive at the Assessed Value the number that causes fainting spells across the Valley.

Once Assessed Value is determined through that formula, it is in turn multiplied by the current tax rate to determine the total taxes owed for the upcoming cycle. Confused yet? So is nearly every homeowner and buyer in Scottsdale. Using the formula outlined above:. First half taxes are due on October 1st delinquent on November 1 , and second half taxes are due March 1st delinquent on May 1 of the following year. Even if you know which figures to look at, the full cash value determination is not the ultimate purpose of the assessment, and therefore renders its application to any one specific property an unreliable measure.

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A system designed for county-wide revenue collection is not a great gauge of what Mr. Smith would be willing to pay for Mr.

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Or, to satisfy my personal quota for no fewer than 2 gratuitous metaphors per post, the county assessor is stalking the nimble prey of current market value in a bazooka-wielding dump truck. The tax rolls are full of good stuff that can be exploited in negotiation. Total lien encumbrances, dates and price of purchases, taxable square footage, zoning, parcel size, etc can all be utilized by a savvy consumer to secure the tactical advantage that accompanies such intelligence gathering. Recent comps, current competition, pending sales … this is how you triangulate current market value.

The State Board of Equalization lopped off the other 28 percent. Tax consultants say they believe the movement toward a reduced percentage of reductions is starting to occur as well in Yavapai County. McCarthy played a key role in the reformation of state property tax laws that created the state board and greatly extended the timeframe for the administrative process to allow county assessors six months to adjudicate the vast majority of appeals. The law change, which also guaranteed property owners the right to request in-person appeals with county assessors, followed the recommendations of a Legislature-appointed review committee of state lawmakers, county assessors and a representative of the tax consultant industry.

The hearings occurred during the course of several years, and McCarthy said the whole point was to rescue a property tax system crushed under the weight of appeals and often left incapable of performing its core functions of assessing property values and identifying new properties.

The problems were serious enough to prompt the committee to recommend including a property valuation freeze for the years and to reset a new tax calendar.

Now, the distress is falling on the State Board of Equalization, which hears appeals from Maricopa and Pima counties, as well as several rural contracting counties. The 16, property tax appeals the board expects to hear this year represents a percent leap compared to and almost a percent increase from last year, according to board statistics. Simply put, after being rejected at the county level, most owners give up. The higher rejection rate for commercial properties is indicative of a calculated political decision, he said.

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Bacigalupi said commercial property valuations are increasingly being set by using a cost approach, which takes costs of construction into account to set values. The problem is that market values have fallen far below estimates gleaned through the cost approach analysis.

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Brodnax also said the overall appeal rejection rate is bothersome, given the fact that the office is essentially dealing with appeals of only a small percentage of assessed parcels. This year, the values of approximately 1. Overvaluation is common, and given the enormity of the tax base, the county could reduce property valuations by billions of dollars and still only affect tax rates by mere pennies, he said. Their answer is to raise taxes. The appeals process in Maricopa County has been inundated with policies that practically dictate the outcome of an appeal before it starts.

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Rarely does the county assessor cut values by more than 5 percent, while it is not uncommon for the State Board of Equalization to implement reductions of about 30 percent, said Bacigalupi. Many parcels are evaluated through computer analysis, and not in- person visits. Visiting each property would be impossible, he said, adding that budget cuts have led to a shrinking work force at the office and furthered the demand for computer-assisted assessments.

Petersen disputes that using the computer model has led to inaccurate assessments.