How to find ip adress location

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Determining user location using the user IP address

A standard IP address using what's known as the IPv4 protocol contains four individual numbers separated by a decimal. While every computer is given its own IP address, the outside world rarely has access to it. Routers, instead, connect to individual computers, and it's the routers that then connect to the rest of the internet using their own individual IP address. Think of routers as the bridge between the network within your house or business, library, coffee shop, etc. When you send an email or visit a website, the IP address being shared is that of your local router — provided by your Internet Service Provider ISP — and not the individual address assigned to your computer.

All the same, whether someone knows the address of your computer or your network, these numbers are able to tell a bit about who you are and what kind of sites you surf. This most personal kind of information that can be shared in IP address itself is geolocation. But the good news is, because you are connected to a network and it's the network's IP address being shared, your precise location is not shared. Instead they'll probably see the information of your ISP. While this may give geolocation data about the general area of your router, it will not give a street address.

Alone, the IP address can't share much more about you than a generalized location of where you might be at a certain time. The trouble is, onlookers can in some cases look at the online activity associated with a particular IP address. All have online services, however. That will get you -- the address of the IP's registered owner, but -- not your client's location -- you must get that from them and also -- you have to ask for it. Also, proxies are the least of your worries when validating the IP that you think is the originator. People do not appreciate the notion that they are being tracked, so -- my thoughts are -- get it from your client directly and with their permission and expect a lot to balk at the notion.

Assuming you want to do it yourself and not rely upon other providers, IP2Nation provides a MySQL database of the mappings which are updated as the regional registries change things around. I like the free GeoLite City from Maxmind which works for most applications and from which you can upgrade to a paying version if it's not precise enough.

And if you are running Lighttpd as a webserver, you can even use a module to get the information in the SERVER variable for every visitor if that's what you need.

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I should add there is also a free Geolite Country which would be faster if you don't need to pinpoint the city the IP is from and Geolite ASN if you want to know who owns the IP and that finally all these are downloadable on your own server, are updated every month and are pretty quick to lookup with the provided APIs as they state "thousands of lookups per second".

PHP has an extension for that. The service in Ben Dowling's response has changed, so it's now simpler. To find the location, simply do:. This answer uses a 'test' API Key that is very limited and only meant for testing a few calls. For examples in multiple languages see the Docs. In case anyone stumbles upon this thread, here's another solution.

IP Info, IP Geolocation Tools and API| IPInfoDB

At timezoneapi. It was created because I needed to know which timezone my users were in, where in the world and what time it currently is.

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  • I run the service at IPLocate. Check out the docs for more information. Keep in mind, you can also apply for an API key with them and use the API directly to get the information supplied as you see fit. If you need to get location from an IP address you can use reliable geo ip service, you can get more detail here. It supports IPv6. I've created a wrapper for ipinfo. You can install it using composer. I've done a bunch of testing with IP address services and here are a few ways I do it myself.

    First off a bunch off links to useful websites that I use:. This uses a free api key that is attached to your email.

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    It limits at queries per day. Once you have one off these files in your database you can select the data fairly easily.

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    Use the php function ip2long ; to turn the ip-address into a numeric value. For example 1. This lets you scan for the ip ranges given to you by the database file. I wrote this article few months ago and might be helpful for you. The article describes on the usage of open source database of ip 2 country and also describes about a php class that I wrote to get that open source database working.

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    My city was Rasht and my country was Iran with this ip address: 2. I recommend to use database rather than API methods, because it will be processed much faster locally. There 2 broad approaches to perform IP geolocation: one is to download a dataset, host it on your infrastructure and maintain it up-to-date. This requires time and effort, especially if you need to support a high number of requests. Another solution is to use an existing API service that manages all the work for you and more. Here is an example to get IP geolocation information but also threat and user agent data using one call :.

    Note: I am not here to promote Ipregistry and say it's the best but I spent a long time analyzing existing solutions and their solution is really promising. We now integrate with Microsoft Teams, helping you to connect your internal knowledge base with your chat. Learn more. Getting the location from an IP address Ask Question. Asked 10 years, 10 months ago.