Car tune-up checklist consist of

Some manufactures claim that their vehicles do not require a spark plug change until after , miles.

The Basic Car Tune Ups That Should Be Done Once In a Year

An oil change with filter , on rare occasions, can be added to a minor tuneup, as well as a suspension lubrication. If the minor tuneup falls within a period of time that permits an oil change, filter change and lubrication, then it can be included on the service ticket. Ordinarily, vehicles receive oil changes as frequently as every 3, to 10, miles, and many vehicle owners perform their own oil and filter changes. All fluid levels, including transmission, power steering, radiator and brake fluids receive visual checks, and get a topping-off if the reservoir requires less than a quart.

A major tuneup for electrical components consists of the replacement of all spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap, rotor, and points and condenser, if applicable for an older vehicle. The mechanic will check the timing and adjust it to specifications. Sometimes a voltage check is performed on the charging system, as well as a battery check for proper electrolyte level.

What's a Tune Up? and Why? and How?

All electrical vacuum switching valves and electrical sensors receive a visual inspection. Fuel systems in a major tuneup include the changing of the main fuel filter, and sometimes the in-line carburetor fuel filter or screen. The mechanic will adjust a carburetor-type vehicle, setting the idle mixture screws, idle speed, fast idle or choke.

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Some repair facilities add a fuel system cleaning for fuel injected-engines, which most often entails an additive. Uneven wear indicates tires are misaligned or out of balance. Transmission Fluid. Every month you should check your transmission fluid with the engine warm and running, and the parking brake on. Shift to drive, then to park. Remove dipstick, wipe dry, insert it and remove it again.

Add the approved type fluid, if needed.

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Never overfill. Washer Fluid. Also, you can use some of it to clean off the wiper blades. Wiper Blades.

Replace them before they get brittle or the rubber looks worn. They should be replaced at least once per year, and more often if smearing occurs.

How to Perform a Basic Tune up for Your Car (with Pictures)

Auto Care Center Since Smog Check. Oil change.

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Brake Service. Air Conditioning. Preventative Maintenance. COM — A car tuneup is an outdated service consisting of replacing parts to bring the ignition and fuel systems up to spec for maximum engine performance and efficiency. Related: More Maintenance Coverage. Spark plugs, for example, are typically replaced every , miles.

The federal government, for example, says a bad oxygen sensor can give engine computers false readings and reduce fuel economy by as much as 40 percent. Having your vehicle serviced and inspected periodically is a good way to extend its life and keep it operating efficiently.