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Birth records refer to the birth certificate issued upon the birth of every child, or a certified copy of said certificate. Arizona splits its birth records into two categories, to and to present day. Arizona brought in a state-wide registration for birth records in , which was generally complied with by The county clerks would send record copies to the Arizona Department of Health Services.

These records can be found at either the county offices, or the offices of the State Department of Health. You can also find records dating between and at the database of Arizona Genealogy Birth and Death Certificates.

How to Get Married in Arizona

Birth records from after can be found at the relevant County Health Department. There were 81, births in Arizona in Death records are not divided into two categories in Arizona as they are with birth records. All death records can be found at the relevant County Health Department. Records can date back as far as There were 57, deaths in Arizona in The Arizona Public Records Act was passed in , with the latest amendment coming in If just my GF and I come there with no family can you do that?

Your witnesses must be 18 or older and be able to sign their names. Another option would be to meet at a coffee shop and ask two other customers or employees to sign as witnesses. If paying a couple bucks more to have significantly more convenience sounds good to you, please fill out my contact form to schedule an appointment. Do you have to schedule an appointment to get married in the courthouse if you already have the license or do you just show up?

You just show up. The line to have a judge sign your license starts at 4pm at the downtown Phoenix courthouse and the line is cut off at 5pm, when the judge starts signing marriage licenses.

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So, be sure to get there by at the latest. If you go on a Monday or Friday, plan to be there for several hours. We recently moved here from ohio and we dont know anyone here to be a witness for us is there any way around this issue. Hey Wanda, I can help. I can probably provide one witness. Do you only sign and send in the license?

Or do you officiate a ceremony? Are there any locations you recommend for a small ceremony with just a few friends that would be good for photos? Do we need to go to court to get our license? And Could you please tell me how we can get married the same day? If possible. No you cannot do that. You must have five people total, the couple, two witnesses, and a religious official or judge. The court house only signs marriage licenses Monday through Friday at 5pm. Your email address will not be published.

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Clerk of the Superior Court of Maricopa County, Arizona

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Matt Nathanson, 1st Officiant. Toggle navigation. Home About Why hire me? How to get married in Arizona with a courthouse wedding and Maricopa County marriage license I get phone calls regularly from couples who find me online and need to know how to get married in Arizona and how to get their Maricopa County marriage license. Arizona marriage license requirements are simpler than you think! No blood test required. Then contact me to get it signed and filed! Matt Nathanson left a comment on February 8, at pm.

Sharon left a comment on February 25, at pm. Michelin left a comment on February 11, at am. Can A judge officiate the same day you get you license? Do you need 2 personal witnesses? Matt Nathanson left a comment on February 12, at pm. NicoLette left a comment on February 16, at am. Matt Nathanson left a comment on March 3, at pm. Ryan Beasley left a comment on March 2, at pm. My fiance and I want to get married today.. Marissa left a comment on March 3, at am.

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Bell Cruz left a comment on September 12, at pm. Lucretia left a comment on March 11, at pm. Matt Nathanson left a comment on March 19, at pm. Heidi left a comment on March 19, at am. Ashley left a comment on March 27, at pm. Matt Nathanson left a comment on March 27, at pm. Steve left a comment on November 16, at am. Daniel left a comment on March 27, at pm. How much is it to get actually married and do you need to bring cash or money order?

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You will still have all the same legal responsibilities and obligations; you will simply be known by a different name. The forms available on this site are generic and may be accepted by courts statewide. Please note that each court might have their own preferred forms.

You can visit AZCourtHelp. Form Title. Form No. Application for Change of Name for an Adult. Application for Change of Name for a Minor Child.

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Consent of Minor to Name Change. Parental Waiver of Notice.