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A police check may be used to help screen and make informed decisions about individuals within the Australian Community for a host of roles, including but not limited to:.

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Intercheck: Intercheck Australia is your go-to for online criminal background checks. The site is straightforward, easy to navigate, and allows people to get National Police Checks for varieties of purposes some exclusions apply. If you are a business and require police checks to be conducted on your employees, you can learn more about the police check solutions for businesses here.

It is important to know the ACIC does not directly receive application forms or submit police checks on behalf of individuals.

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Government figures show there are nearly 1. There is a simple way that employers can verify if an individual is a permanent citizen of Australia. All they need to do is request to see one of the following:. Ultimately, it depends on the kind of information you are after.

You can try using the following hubs to run a preliminary background check on someone:. National Archive Australia : Here, you can find information about family history. The National Archives holds many records in which you might find information about your ancestors. If your family members served in the Australian armed forces or if they migrated to Australia during the 20th century, you should be able to dig up all these details in this archive. In addition, The NAA holds records about people who arrived from overseas during the 20th century and some who arrived during the 19th century.

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They also hold records about Australians who left and returned to Australia. Australia Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies: this site can help you to delve into the history of indigenous families in particular. Their collections have information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, families, communities and places.

They hold approximately kms of records from the mids till today, for use by the Government and people of Victoria. The Collection includes information on historical events, as well as records of immigration and shipping, criminal trials and prisons, premiers and governors, royal commissions, boards of inquiry, and wills and probates, amongst others. We all know your credit can make or break your financial dreams.

Most credit report websites offer reports for a small fee or even completely free depending on your situation. The primary overt security feature is two pink coloured images of Australia at the bottom of the certificate which will disappear momentarily if friction rubbing by finger is applied. It is a criminal offence to alter or present a fraudulent copy of a National Police Certificate. The Criminal Records Section should be contacted if there is any doubt regarding the authenticity, or content, of the Certificate.

Outstanding and unfinalised court matters may also be included. Australian police criminal record information is generally limited to prosecutions initiated by police. Some offences are prosecuted by non-police organisations and details of convictions resulting from these prosecutions may not be included in the National Police Certificate. The certificate is based upon a check of the National Names Index NNI using the name, date of birth and if applicable fingerprints supplied by the applicant. Given that fingerprints are not taken by police services in Australia in all instances, it is possible that the NNI may contain information recorded against the applicant under another name or alias.

Secondly, any question concerning the person's criminal history is taken to refer only to any convictions of the person which are not spent. Finally, where an Act or statutory instrument applies to a person, any reference to a conviction is taken to be a reference only to any convictions of the person which are not spent, and any reference to a person's character or fitness does not provide for consideration of spent convictions in that assessment.

A: Spent convictions will only be released if required for a category of employment or purpose exempt from the Criminal Records Act A: Employers and organisations receiving a National Police Certificate should discuss the content of the Certificate with the applicant to enable them an opportunity to verify or dispute the record.

Applicants must specify the offences or information in dispute and be prepared to provide comparison fingerprints. The Criminal Records Section will notify applicants in writing if comparison fingerprints are required. No fee will be charged and fingerprints will be destroyed by the Criminal Records Section upon resolution of the dispute. A: In accordance with sA of the Law Enforcement Powers and Responsibilities Act , a person from whom finger-prints or palm-prints are taken may request the Commissioner to destroy their finger-prints or palm-prints if the offence for which the prints were taken, is not proven.

An offence is "not proven" if a person is found not guilty or acquitted of the offence, if the conviction of the person for the offence is quashed and an acquittal is entered, on appeal, or at the end of the period of 12 months after the finger-prints or palm-prints were taken or, if an extension to that period is granted under section B, at the end of the extended period proceedings in respect of the offence have not been instituted against the person or have been discontinued.

Skip to content Skip to navigation. Read This First Before completing your application online, please read the below information. Individuals requiring a National Police Check must: complete an online application form available at www. Lodge an application for a National Police Check To dispute the accuracy of criminal record information, please contact the Criminal Records Section or use the Disputing Criminal Record Information form.

Customers without internet access should contact the Criminal Records Section for further information Phone: 02 E-Mail: crs police. Track Your Application Check the status of your criminal record check. Criminal Record Check via the Australian Federal Police Individuals requiring a criminal record check for Australian citizenship, residency, spouse visa, guardianship of a child from another country, working visa or whilst travelling or living abroad, must apply via the Australian Federal Police AFP.

Registered Organisations Private and public sector organisations which anticipate conducting 50 or more National Police Checks per annum may apply directly to the Criminal Records Section to become a Registered Organisation. Q: Who can apply for a National Police Check? Q: Can I lodge an application for child-related employment purposes? A: Individuals requiring a National Police Check must: complete an online application form available at www.

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Q: How much does a National Police Check cost? Q: Can I pay in person at a police station?

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Q: Can I apply via mail? Q: Do I have to apply in person? Applications will not be accepted unless proof of identity is presented in person. Employers or other organizations interested in verifying your education might go through a service like the National Student Clearing House, or they might ask for copies of official diplomas or transcripts. If you think an employer or another organization is going to ask for copies of your transcripts, make sure there are no errors on them. If you're applying for a job, to school, to volunteer, etc.

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Type your name and city into a search engine to see what comes up make sure to turn off all personalization settings in your browser first. Beyond that, check all the privacy settings on your social media accounts If you aren't sure how to do this, there are plenty of helpful guides online. Make sure your photos and posts are shared only with the people you're comfortable sharing them with. If you have any posts or photos that could be seen as unprofessional, make sure they are kept private or deleted. Running a personal background check on yourself periodically is a great way to ensure that you're staying on top of your records.

If you're applying for a rental property, college, or a new job, it's important that you check your criminal record, credit report, and online footprint thoroughly so you can contest any errors. How to Run a Personal Background Check on Yourself Employers, colleges, and volunteer organizations learn a lot about you when they check your records.

Court Records County, State, and Federal If you're unsure whether or not you have a criminal background, try using an online criminal background check to see if there is anything in your records. Driving Records Laws about what's included on a driving record, and for how long, vary by state. Credit Report Potential employers can look at your credit report not your credit score to determine if you're a financially responsible person, but only if you give them written permission.