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There does not seem to be a disagreement about who was the first immigrant member of the Cornett family; this appears to be John Cornutt. What we know of him, however, is murky. Certainly, the biggest concentration of results is found in the surrounding cities and districts of London, but the name is found in Yorkshire, Northumberland, Lancashire, and other shires.

Land Records of Grayson County, Virginia

The earliest the name is found in Virginia is in , in Henrico County, Virginia. There are many mentions of the name John Cornett in Henrico County, but what is undetermined at this time is exactly when the records become that of a younger John Cornett. Notably, between the deed and the deed, there are few mentions of the name John Cornett at all in Henrico County. The following year, in a list of polls for Henrico County, he appears as the 69th name in a list of votes for William Harding as burgess for the county, dated 7 January Henrico Co, VA Deeds, , pp The references by most certainly appear to belong to a younger John Cornett note, that if the immigrant John Cornett was in Henrico County by , he was certainly over the age of 21 years, and thus born prior to There is relative stability in the neighbors and associations of John Cornett from the s forward, so it is reasonable to conclude this John Cornett was the man who is mentioned in that year time frame.

As Browning gave her own consent to marriage, she was at least over the legal feminine age of 18 years, and probably over 20 years for her own consent.

Francis Cornett Jr would have also been of the legal age; therefore, assuming a reasonable calculation based on English laws, Francis would have been born c this, of course, if Rebecca was his first marriage, and as long as he married closer to the age of 21 years and not older. The first mention of Francis Cornett in Henrico County is his witnessing the deed mentioned above with John Cornett. For this reason, it is very possible Francis Cornett was the son of the first John Cornett Francis would have been born no later than if he is first mentioned in After this time, there are no mentions of Francis Cornett after No early deeds in Henrico County place any knowledge of when James Cornett became a landowner there, but he was certainly a neighbor to both John and Francis Cornett.

This, however, is one of the few mentions of James Cornett in Henrico County, and he is no longer mentioned thereafter. In the same time, there is also a William Cornett who is found in Henrico County. The deeds make it apparent that William Cornett resided in the same neighborhood as John, Francis, and James Cornett being on a neighboring watercourse , but a farther distance than the three others, who appear to have been living next to each other.

Cornett signed with his mark, thus indicating that he had either no formal ability to write, or had lost the ability to by that time.

Russell County, Virginia Genealogy

Jesse does not appear to be a landowner in Henrico County records during the s, and therefore lived with one of his supposed brothers. On 3 September , he appeared before Henrico County Court to provide declaration that he had served in the war, stating for the record that he was then 70 years and upwards of age b. He marched predominantly in the James River vicinity from Richmond to Williamsburg. Because the pension laws required the oath of a minister in order to attest to services, Cornett failed to meet such demands.

Jesse Cornett, as shown above, was born circa , so he could not be the son of the elder John Cornett. He may be the son of John, Francis, or William Cornett; as James Cornett appears to have left Henrico County, it seems plausible that he could not be the father. James Cornett appears to be the first Cornett to have left Henrico County. He is found in Bedford County, Virginia, during the s. There, on 19 May , he entered into bond with William Basham to satisfy a debt of 6 pounds, 18 shillings, and six pence to be paid within three months with interest James signed his name with a mark, as James Canot.

No doubt, their faith may have continued moving them westward from Bedford County as well. He was in Montgomery County, Virginia, by Wayland, John W. Russell County Virginia Census. Carpenter, Elizabeth M. History of Scott Co, VA.

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Grayson County, VA Chronology of Records

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