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Now we find out! January 11 — Microsoft temps can sue for stock options. James V. No ice cubes either: People choked on them and died. Politicians had discovered that by joining in the lawsuits, the government could take a cut of the settlements. Everybody was happy. Hudson International Inc. He claimed he loved me. My husband caught us and now has filed for divorce. My lover called it quits and ran back to his wife.

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January 11 — Welcome, Yahoo and About. And the American Lawyer has now given a write-up to the recent imbroglio see Oct. January 10 — Pennsylvania tobacco fees: such a bargain! January 10 — Back pay obtained for illegal aliens. The National Labor Relations Board and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission had charged the hotel with firing the workers because they were leading a union organizing drive, along with other employment and labor law infractions.

The workers are still in the country and are resisting a deportation order. January — OSHA at-home worker directive. Now Mr. James is suing the park, saying the ten-prize-a-year limit is unfair to him. The park denies that its limit is directed specifically at Mr. Someone — who was it?

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Soon ugly charges were flying back and forth between Exxon Corp. A year? January — No warning given to cousin-spouses. January 7 — Hire that felon, or else.

We reported in our November 3 installment on how flag-burning protesters in at least one sizable American city Las Vegas are now legally required to take out advance environmental permits — smoke emissions into the atmosphere, and all that. Now John Leo, in a U. A noisy crowd took their protest to the front porch of cartoonist Bob Hewitt and attempted to burn a bra, but thanks to consumer protection regulations, the flame-retarding brassiere failed to ignite.

News, Jan. Bush, Karl Rove and litigation reform. They need people around them to execute the mechanics of the campaign, the tactical considerations. And the strategy is born out of their heart, soul and gut. A panel of the Seventh Circuit U. Court of Appeals has thrown out a settlement in a class-action suit over the mailing by Equifax Check Services Inc.

Moving quickly to nip mounting public outrage, Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman now explains that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration never intended to bring home working conditions under full-fledged federal regulation — why, the idea never even crossed their minds! The advisory letter to that effect has been withdrawn, but Republicans on the Hill are promising hearings.

Researchers from the Environmental Protection Agency and the New York State Department of Health report that the burning of ordinary trash by households, still a common practice in many rural areas, is an unexpectedly important likely source of release into the atmosphere of polychlorinated compounds such as dioxin, long a subject of regulatory scrutiny because of their potential toxicity. The policy covers not only telecommuters but even the parent who briefly takes work home to be with a sick child. Sequel: faced with mounting public outrage, the Department of Labor announced within 24 hours that it was withdrawing the new directive and rethinking its policy see January 6 commentary January 5 — Calif.

After Nelson complained, the foundation apologized. Taxpayers are actually financing an abuse of government power. Tom Hayden D-Los Angeles. Supreme Court, Burley Mitchell. Journal , Dec. January 5 — New page on Overlawyered. January 4 — Gun-buying rush. Yet such a result is far from the outcome of any democratic decision process; indeed, senior analyst H.

January 4 — Lawsuits over failing grades.

A Maine Writer: Maine State Library

Donna J. January 4 — Expert witnesses and their ghostwriters. Critics have long voiced alarm about the way American lawyers can orchestrate the testimony of expert witnesses they hire. January 3 — Lawyers for famine and wilderness-busting?


What Mr. Rifkin is after is something even less competitive than a monopoly. He wants nobody in the genetic technology business at all. January 3 — Overlawyered.

Retail and Grand Theft in a Trial Court Sentencing

Advice from experienced forum-managers is welcome. January 3 — This side of parodies. Calls for a ban on lawyer jokes as hate speech? A Million Lawyer March on Washington to protest anti-attorney stereotyping? Well, maybe not yet, but it can be hard to pick out which elements of this whimsical column are based on fact and which parts are invention. January 31 — Scorched-earth divorce tactics? Pay up.

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In one case, Basel v. January 31 — Coils of forfeiture law. For Joe Bonilla, the good news is his acquittal three months ago on charges of drunken driving. January 31 — Do as we say…. January 31 — Showdown in Michigan. John Engler, has been assuming a national leadership role in rolling back litigation excesses.

Trial lawyers, unionists and others are furiously plotting revenge when the judges stand for their retention elections. Translation: the agency has baldly reversed its earlier policy. At least as regards home offices: manufacturing activities conducted at home will still come under its jurisdiction, the agency says.

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Why did the earlier OSHA directive cause such an uproar? And while opposition from Republicans might come as scant surprise, the newsier angle was the lack of support from the measure from many elected Democrats; even a spokeswoman for Rep. January 28 — Law prof wants to regulate newspaper editorials.

Libertarians have long warned that laws curbing private buying of campaign ads constitute a dangerous incursion on free speech and are likely to pave the way for further inroads. Hasen of Loyola University Law School Los Angeles proceeds to prove them correct by endorsing government regulation of newspaper editorials. Principles of political equality could dictate that a Bill Gates should not be permitted to spend unlimited sums in support of a candidate.

But different rules [now] apply to Rupert Murdoch just because he has channeled his money through media outlets that he owns… The principle of political equality means that the press too should be regulated when it editorializes for or against candidates. Hasen happily looks forward to the day when the Supreme Court can be persuaded to overturn Buckley v.

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Instead, they would have to be paid for either by an individual such as the CEO of the media corporation or by a PAC set up by the media corporation for this purpose. The media corporation should be required to charge the CEO or the PAC the same rates that other advertising customers pay for space on the op-ed page.

January 28 — From our mail sack: unclear on the concept. We fear that we do not always succeed in giving full satisfaction to these visitors. For example, last week the following note arrived in our inbox, signed K. I need to file. Why was this not on your site where it could readily be found? In Canada, a judge has ruled against Loredana Silion, 24, in her petition for a work permit to perform as an exotic dancer.

While Ms. And exotic dancer Doddie L. January — Florida ADA complaint binge. Targets of the complaints, large and small, range from Kmart and Carnival Cruises down to local funeral homes and the little Coconut Court Motel in Fort Lauderdale, as well as nonprofits and public entities such as the local Baptist hospital and the city of Pompano Beach.

Indeed, no less than of the cases name as plaintiff year-old wheelchair user Ernst Rosenkrantz. Mallah is his nephew.