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How to Find Out Who Owns a Property or House

Search Agreement. Data Disclaimer: This product has been compiled from the most accurate source data available in the public records of Leon County. This information must be accepted and used with the understanding that the data was collected primarily for the use and purpose of creating a Property Tax Roll per Florida Statute.

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The information contained herein is for reference purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for a title search. To find out who owns a property, you must know its property identifier.

How to Find Out Who Owns a Property

You can buy a certificate of title showing the owner's name and birthdate via the NLS e-service. The use of the NLS e-service requires strong authentication. You can buy extracts showing address information by contacting our customer service.

Breadcrumb Home Real property. When you know the property identifier, you can: Order a certificate of title , which carries a charge.

Vacant lots are an issue of concern because they tend to attract or be subjected to illegal dumping of litter and other solid wastes. Vacant lots in urban communities are often contaminated with hazardous wastes such as lead, cadmium, arsenic and asbestos which result in unsafe conditions for children and adults.

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  • These vacant lots are not just unsightly blights on the urban landscape and breeding grounds for rats, they are a wasted resource. Vacant lots are also an environmental justice issue since there are significantly more vacant lots in poorer neighborhoods.

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    The main goal of vacant lot projects and policies is to reclaim these lots and move them into productive use. While each of these projects had different goals and came about in its own way, they all started with the same first step—by answering the question:.

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    Each municipality has its own way of keeping records, but a good first stop is the office or website of one of these in your city or town:. Sometimes property records are unavailable or incorrect. This can happen for any number of reasons, including complicated ownership histories, the loss of records through the years, or simply human data entry error.