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Both undergraduate and graduate programs are available, including a five-year dual-degree option.

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Whether you enroll in that program or opt for a straight bachelor's degree, you can choose among three niche concentrations: Administration, Criminology, and Geo-Information Science. The latter is particularly unique; it incorporates state-of-the-art computerized mapping technology and applies it to analyzing crime patterns and developing policies. Website Mississippi College calls its top criminal justice program by a slightly different name: Here, you'll earn a degree in the "Administration of Justice.

The former touches on a timely issue in contemporary American society, while the latter represents a perennial problem globally. Website Students of all ages and career status will find a program that meets their needs at Claflin University. You can take classes in person at one of two campuses during the regular school day, online, or in the evenings, depending on your schedule.

This cheap criminal justice college even offers a degree-completion program, where you can apply previous professional experience to your studies. No matter which program you choose, you'll study both the history of the criminal justice system and its role in society today, and you'll learn how to use technology to solve problems in the field. Website The affordable criminal justice major at the University of Mississippi comes with three career-focused specializations: Corrections, Homeland Security, and Law Enforcement.

Whereas many schools require just a few courses for a concentration, you'll need to take seven to eight classes to earn a specialization at Ole Miss. This means that you'll take a real deep-dive into your subject of choice. You can also opt for advanced courses that tackle niche subjects, such as "Intelligence and Homeland Security" or "Transportation and Border Security.

University College Degrees and Majors: Criminal Justice and Criminology

Website Similar to many other schools on this criminal justice college ranking, St. Joseph's separates its degree into tracks. But the school sets itself apart by offering highly focused options you'll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. These options bring a different perspective to the standard curriculum and will help you stand out from other criminal justice majors after graduation.

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

If you're looking for guidance about which track to choose, you can talk with the highly active members of the student-run Criminal Justice Club; these dedicated students — and a few trusted professors — can help you design an individualized curriculum. The week program prepares you to take the state's Law Enforcement Licensing Examination and earns you 15 credits in the process.

GVSU also offers one of the best criminal justice programs for veterans with military police experience under their belts: An eight-week training program will help you transition to a civilian police career. The curriculum teaches you how to gather forensic evidence, including how evidence law affects your actions on crime scenes.

If theory is more your style, the Justice concentration could be a better fit; this course of study introduces you to the theoretical underpinnings of the field. Both options culminate in a research-based senior seminar. If you want to continue your studies, VCU also has an M. With this option, you'll complete your affordable criminal justice major in just three years, then begin law school during what would have been your senior year. A major in criminal justice is a natural fit for a future law student, and your undergraduate courses will come in handy even if you don't pursue criminal law.

If you're particularly ambitious, you can enroll in an internship, join a service-learning program, or participate in a research project, but none of these pursuits are required for the degree. This top program prizes experiential and "community-engaged" learning, where you can hone your skills and make a difference in local settings. Juniors and seniors can take part in internships, and a dedicated internship coordinator will help you find a placement that meets your needs.

Website One of the country's top military colleges, Citadel also has one of the best bachelor's degree in criminal justice. The comprehensive program offers a wealth of classes in both big-picture and more focused areas, and you can customize your degree to meet your interests. You can also opt to earn it either in person or entirely online. With both options, you'll find a curriculum that develops your leadership skills and prizes strategic decision-making.

Citadel even has a dedicated study-abroad program for criminal justice majors; in , students will head to Argentina. Website You have two options for earning an accredited criminal justice degree at Penn State: a B. The former emphasizes research methodology, statistics, and quantification, while the latter incorporates a more traditional liberal arts curriculum.

Both options approach the discipline from a social science perspective, however, and will help you understand how state and local policies, one's social environment, and human behavior in general play into crime and justice. And both degrees include coursework in statistics and research methods, ensuring you're well-prepared to pursue graduate study if that's your goal.

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Website Because Western Illinois University has a dedicated Center for Applied Criminal Justice, its affordable criminal justice program comes with plenty of opportunities to enrich your studies outside the classroom. For example, the Center regularly brings in speakers that touch on international criminal justice issues, and it also publishes a Journal of Criminal Justice. The latter provides an opportunity to participate in publishable research, which you might appreciate in particular if you go on to earn an M. But even if you stop with a B. Website UMass Lowell frequently earns accolades as one of the best public universities in the country for its research opportunities, for its ROI, and more.

The school brings those vast resources to its accredited criminology degree program, which focuses on helping students develop top-notch research skills by requiring 12 credits of work in this area. Although all these topics are covered in the general curriculum, the concentrations give you the chance to develop skills in a niche field. Website The University of Georgia offers a criminal justice bachelor degree that prepares graduates for a variety of criminal justice degree jobs, including in law enforcement, forensics, and the government.

The school's criminal justice degree focuses on a combination of liberal arts studies and major studies. Courses include criminal justice administration, research methods in criminal justice, and criminal justice practice. Prospective students need at least a 2.

Criminal Justice as a Field of Study

The school offers several scholarships for incoming students, including the Sherry Lyons-Williams Scholarship, the James T. McCarthy Scholarship. Score: Website Students who plan on studying criminal justice at the postgraduate level will find plenty of opportunities at USC — Columbia.

Along with its B. The latter is particularly hard to find, even on this list of the best criminal justice colleges. Aspiring law students will also appreciate the advanced dual-degree program, which pairs an M. Even if you're only thinking about your B. Plus, the school has quite a few merit-based scholarships that can make your education even more affordable — including some targeted specifically at criminal justice majors.

On the academic front, San Bernardino runs both an online and an on-campus B. The latter includes an optional Crime Analysis focus that requires additional technical coursework; you'll choose among classes such as "Cyber Defense," "Military Geography," "Computer Forensics," and more. Then you'll cap off your degree with an internship or independent study project that lets you put what you've learned into action. Website With plenty of opportunities to enrich your in-class work, San Diego State University would be a great choice for students who like to stay busy.

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Anyone pursuing an accredited bachelor's degree in criminal justice at SDSU can take advantage of its Public Administration Center and the Institute for Public and Urban Affairs, which hosts speakers and offers access to government documents and criminal justice journals. And if you maintain a GPA of 3. Plus, all students take part in a practicum, which you can fulfill with an internship, a service-learning experience, or an international program.

Website Michigan State University tops this best criminology degree program ranking for a few reasons. For one, it's a nimble program, with a curriculum that's updated to meet industry trends security management, for example. On top of that, the school's innovative Inside-Out program pairs students with inmates at a local correctional facility to spur conversation and connection. Finally, MSU offers a fantastic selection of study abroad options targeted to the discipline.

You could study justice systems in Australia or legal systems in the Caribbean, or choose from a few other attractive locations. Their academic department is the largest west of the Mississippi River and has the seventh most diverse student enrollment in the country. Please note that it may take a few days for our records to be refreshed to allow you to set this up after submitting your CSU Apply application. The admissions processes for our program usually is not completed until July for Fall admissions, and early January for Spring admissions.

You will receive an email along with a program schedule and student handbook from the program staff once you are formally admitted. Email communication is essential in this program. Registration for our courses follows a slightly different process than our main campus; please do not worry about not seeing enough online course options in the searchable class schedule at this time.

You will receive a separate email from our program with registration instructions including the list of available classes that are set up specifically for our program. You also do not need to adhere to your registration date that is posted in your student schedule as that is only for registering for traditional classes through the main campus. This program is eligible for financial aid. The online criminal justice major is a 60 unit program, 12 of which are transferred in as prerequisites and the remaining 48 in the major are taken online in this program.

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